Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOTD: SinfulColors Ruby Mine

Today I've got another shade, Ruby Mine, from the SinfulColors Crystal Crushes collection, released this fall. These shades are textured and meant to be worn without topcoat.

SinfulColors Ruby Mine (2 coats)
no topcoat
lighting: sun

SinfulColors Ruby Mine (2 coats)
no topcoat
lighting: shade

SinfulColors Ruby Mine (2 coats)
topcoat added
lighting: sun

SinfulColors Ruby Mine (2 coats)
topcoat added
lighting: shade

As with Got A Blush on You, Ruby Mine also applied super easy. I got pretty great coverage in one coat, but added two to make sure I had the intended color and finish. I REALLY like Ruby Mine- of the two it's definitely my favorite.

I did note that the bottle did not mention that this was meant to be worn without topcoat. I wonder if the display these shades will be in will mention that? I wish that SinfulColors had noted this feature on the bottles, like OPI did with Liquid Sand and China Glaze did with their Texture Coat. I'm just afraid these will get mixed in my collection and I won't recall that they have the texture feature until I use it.

Press Release info:

A Daring Way to Dazzle for Fall

Sparkle and glimmer this fall with SinfulColors shade collection: Crystal Crushes.
It is a brilliant collection of gem-inspired nail polish shades with multifaceted 3D texture. Gorgeous matte colors flecked with a reflective pearl finish sure to dazzle your digits and make your heart skip a beat.  The Crystal Crushes collection features eight vivid shades sprinkled with an angel dust finish.  The colorful trend shades you love from SinfulColors!

Got a Blush on Youflirty fuchsia               
Blue Persuasion: sapphire-d up!
Orange Crushtwinkling tangerine
Treasure Chest: sea worthy bling
Emerald Envya glint of green
Purple Gleamglistening lavender
Ruby Mine: ravishing red
Face the Facetsbanana bling

SinfulColors Crystal Crushes, $2.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013. 

You can find SinfulColors online here:
Twitter: @SinfulColorsNP

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Arathael said...

So they don't come with tags or anything? I didn't think about not being able to tell they were the textured ones. Maybe I'll put stickers around the caps or something. I hope I can find these soon!!!

Sasha said...

The sample bottles I received did not have tags..... maybe they will when they hit the shelves?

Unknown said...

I love all the different shades that Sinful Colors comes out with ... they are always staying up on the latest trends in the polish world. I can't wait to try these!

Kellie said...

They were $2.99? At my Walgreens they were the same price as the regular SC polishes...$1.99 and when on sale they were 99 cents.

Sasha said...

Texas Chic, how cool! Sounds like they have reduced the prices since that press release.