Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 OPI DS Ruby
2 coats
Look at the holo goodness! If you didn't know, I live in Rainlahoma (formerly known as Oklahoma), and we have had the worst weather over the last few weeks. Tornados and more rain than we'll ever need. Since I take my photos outside in natural light, and the sun has been hiding from us, I haven't been able to take any good mani pictures lately.
But the sun is out today and I thought I'd get out one of my favorites, OPI DS Ruby. I love love love this shade! OPI really hit it out of the ballpark with the older DS shades. I haven't been a fan of the newer shades, but the older holo shades have a special place in my collection.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Essie Style Hunter

 Essie Style Hunter
2 coats
from the Essie Spring 2014 Hide and Go Chic Collection
Style Hunter is a raspberry crème that covered well in just two coats. Although it's not a unique shade, it's pretty nonetheless.

Oklahoma was hit with some nasty Spring weather last week that left the sunshine nowhere to be found. Thank goodness the sun came back out today- it was a bit depressing around here!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Dermelect Memento Manicure Extending Top Coat Review

6 day wear test
I am VERY impressed!

I originally painted my nails last Tuesday night, and took this photo today (Monday). That's a good 6 days of wear and they still look amazing- very shiny, very little tip wear, and no chips. Note: My ring finger was repainted Thursday night due to a break and repair, so it only has 4 days of wear, but look how amazing it looks- absolutely no tip wear on that finger at all!

Memento retails for $16. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite topcoat. It dried unbelievably fast and I just can't get over how little tip wear I've got after 6 days. I don't even feel the need to repaint my nails today.

Info from the Dermelect website:
  • no UV/LED lamp required
  • extends nail polish wear up to 7-9 days
  • 1 step - use with any nail color
  • high gloss, mirror-like shine
  • dries in minutes
  • durability of gel
  • soak-free removal with regular nail polish remover

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