Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NOTD: OPI Chile O Caliente

 OPI Chile O Caliente
2 coats
from the 2002 South American Collection

Chile O Caliente has been a favorite for YEARS! I bet I have been through at least 5 bottles of this- this used to be my regular pedi color. Still a favorite 15 years later!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

NOTD: Essie Éclair My Love

Essie Éclair My Love
2 coats
from the Summer 2017 Collection

per Essie: Declare your undying amour with this light, bright heart-pulsing shade of red candy passion.

I've seen others call this close to a one-coat wonder, but not for me. I found the first coat to be very streaky, but the second coat evened it out quite nicely. Such a bright, fun summer shade!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Revisit: OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Today I am revisiting the OPI Coca-Cola Collection, a 9 piece collection inspired by Coca-Cola beverages. I purchased the "10 Pack of Style", which contains minis of 8 shades along with a mini of Nail Envy as well as the OPI Top Coat. I also purchased a big bottle of Orange You Fantastic, the last shade in the set, because it wasn't available in a mini and because I had to have the complete set in my possession. :-)

OPI Coca-Cola Red
2 coats

Coca-Cola Red is inspired by regular Coke and is my favorite shade of the collection- and of course it's my favorite Coca-Cola drink. I found the formula on this polish to be perfect! Two coats gave complete coverage and it is so shiny and glossy and just gorgeous.

OPI A Grape Affair
2 coats

A Grape Affair is a dark purple crème inspired by Grape Fanta. This is really vampy, but still looks purple in the sun. Indoors, it does pull really dark. Still so pretty.

OPI Get Cherried Away
2 coats

Get Cherried Away is a magenta creme inspired by Cherry Coke. I originally thought the formula on this was nice, and quite pigmented, but once I looked at my pictures I could totally see that I needed another coat. So frustrating!

OPI You're So Vain-illa
3 coats

You're So Vain-illa is inspired by Vanilla Coke. I found the formula to be just OK- it needed three coats to get opaque coverage. It is a really pretty shade, but one that gives me a bit of Lobster Hands, so if you are warm-toned like me, you might have the same problem.

OPI Orange You Fantastic! (1 coat)
over OPI You're So Vain-illa (3 coats)

Orange You Fantastic has different shapes and sizes of red and gold glitter in a sheer yellow/orange base and is inspired by Orange Fanta. I applied one coat over my prior mani of You're So Vain-illa. The formula was pretty great- I got great glitter coverage in just one coat, and the sheer yellow/orange base added a neat tint to the base color I had on. It smoothed out nicely with a coat of Gelous.

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
3 coats

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is inspired by Vanilla Coke. I found the formula on this shade to be somewhat problematic. It was chalky, and even after two careful coats, I had streaking and it was visibly uneven, so I applied a third coat to get the coverage I wanted.

OPI My Signature Is "DC"
2 coats

My Signature Is "DC" is inspired by Diet Coke. The formula on this was FANTASTIC- it was practically a one-coater, and if I had been a bit more careful on that first coat I could have stopped there. It dried very fast and seemed dry before I even applied my quick-dry top coat.

OPI Green On The Runway
3 coats

So you can see in most light, it's a gorgeous green shimmer.....

but then in other light, it's reddish brown! Gorgeous!

Green On The Runway is inspired by Sprite. Or by the can, at least. :-)

 OPI Today I Accomplished Zero
2 coats

Today I Accomplished Zero is a black jelly base with pink glitter, inspired by Coke Zero. I myself am not a fan of Coke Zero..... but I do drink a can of regular Coke every single morning, as my cup of coffee.

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