Monday, July 21, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Redgy

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Redgy
I really really really wanted to like this system! I love me some Sally, but sadly, I think this is a major fail, for some reasons I'll detail below.
Some facts: There are sets that have both the color and topcoat that retail for about $15. You can also buy the colors and topcoat separately for less than $10 each. I went ahead and bought a set that included the color Redgy and the topcoat. I purchased mine at CVS, but have also seen it locally at both Walgreens and Walmart.
Sally Hansen claims: "The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE with no light needed." and promises up to 14 days of color and shine.
First, let me say I love the color, but the name spelling makes me stabby.
Second, I have tried this three ways and I still can't get a shiny finish. It's very very full of brush-strokes from the topcoat. It did seem to dry pretty quickly, as if I had used a QDTC.
I first tried it using NailTek II as a basecoat, since my nails seem to do much better when I use this regularly. I was displeased with the non-shiny, brush-stroke finish, and I suspected my basecoat might have been the problem, so I re-did my left hand the next day without a basecoat. Same problem. Then I even tried the base color without the Miracle Gel topcoat and just used my normal topcoat, NYC Grand Central Station, on one finger. And I still don't like the finish!
The wear seems OK..... My right hand is on day 4 and there is quite a bit of tipwear, but the finish is driving me crazy. My left hand, which is on day 3 looks a bit better, but still not up to par for a normal mani for me. I had MUCH better luck with the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque system.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


(GLOSSYBOX exclusive design)
Description from GLOSSYBOX:
Transforming the color of your nails is in the palm of your hand, pocket, bag and countless other places. Create an effortless moment and restyle your nail color any time and anywhere. STRANGEBEAUTIFUL COLORBLOCs are outstanding for travel and splendid to hold. Comprised of two 4ml bottles of super saturated compelling colors encased in an efficient geometric design.
I received this polish in the June 2014 GLOSSYBOX that I purchased. This was my first time to try a STRANGEBEAUTIFUL product (and BTW I am not a big fan of companies that use all caps for their names.....) and I've got to say, the pigmentation was pretty great. The red shade was almost a one-coater, and the dark blue, although it did need two coats, covered perfectly.
Mr. Sasha did ask me why I had just one nail on each hand painted another color. My explanation of the "accent nail" was lost on him.....
I found this little tidbit on STRANGEBEAUTIFUL's website: STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ colors are deliberately nameless “I find it thought provoking and stimulating to remember and refer to each color by its reference or inspiration.”
The white cap comes off, leaving two small separate bottles. I was afraid the smaller brushes might cause me application problems, but I didn't have any at all. They are really a cute size and would be nice for travel.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dermelect Patriotic Mani contest

Dermelect is having a great contest! Upload a pic of your most patriotic mani and follow the steps above- they are going to give away their entire ME line- a value of $400!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Red White & Hue

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Red White & Hue (1 coat)
Over 2 coats of OPI Pretty & Privileged

Happy 4th of July! I recently received this new Sally Hansen Color Frenzy shade for review purposes and thought it would make a fabulous holiday mani. It is a clear base with red, white and blue glitters in both bigger and small sizes. Just one coat goat great coverage. I saw another blogger use this over a light blue shade and it looked amazing!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OPI Live.Love.Carnaval

OPI Live.Love.Carnaval
3 coats
from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection
Live.Love.Carnaval (it is super-hard to type the name of this shade with the periods in between the words!) is a super-bright coral crème. I did need three coats to have opaque coverage. This is also a great pedi color! This is the only shade I have purchased so far from this collection, but I have been eyeing a few more- do you have a fave?

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OPI Pretty & Privileged

OPI Pretty & Privileged
2 coats
Pretty & Privileged was from OPI's Valentine's Day release from 2009, a set of three polishes based on the updated 90210 series that was on at that time. Although I of course watched the original 90210, I did not watch the updated version.
The three shades included in the collection were:
Sweet As Annie-Thing!
Queen of West Web-erly
Pretty & Privileged
I am pretty sure that I had all three at one time, but I only see one of these in my collection now. I am glad it's this one, because I think it was the prettiest of the three- the "glow" that appears in the sun is so pretty!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dior Adventure

Dior Adventure
2 coats
I finally got my first Dior.... my first because the brand is quite a bit outside the normal range of what I like to spend on nail polish. But I received a $25 giftcard to Nordstrom in my Glossybox, and since Nordstrom has free shipping, and Dior polish is $25... it seemed like a perfect match!
It really is a nice polish. It applied wonderfully and wore well- I didn't take it off until day 5, and tipwear was my only issue with it. I thought this was a perfect summer color. I have some coral-red impatiens in my front flower bed, and these totally reminded me of the color.
I'm not sure if I plan on purchasing more Dior shades..... but if I get any more giftcards I will certainly think about it!

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