Monday, March 16, 2020

Exclusive Nail Couture My Little Unicorn Hologram Gel in #10

I can never turn down holo polish... so when I saw these I had to order. Each set includes 6 shades and is $36. Of course I ordered both sets....

I have been experimenting with Zoya's Gelie Cure system and have found that using their Naked Gelie as a base (on top of a gripping primer) and a topcoat works great for me and gets me at least a week of wear.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What I've Been Using Lately- Gelish Structure Cover Pink

Gelish Structure Cover Pink

Life is a bit busier these days and I'm finding I'm too tired to do frequent manis in the evening. I have been looking for something to give some strength to my nails and last longer. I think I have hit upon the perfect system for me- I find I can get at least 10 days of wear with this!

Here's my routine (after I deal with my cuticles and shape my nails):
1. Paint clean dry nails with Gelish pH Bond
2. Apply Gelish Pro Bond Acid Free Nail Primer
3. Apply thin coat of Gelish Foundation, cure with LED lamp
4. Apply thin coat of Gelish Structure Cover Pink, cure with LED lamp
5. Apply 2nd coat of Gelish Structure Cover Pink, cure with LED lamp
6. Apply thin coat of Gelish Top It Off, cure with LED lamp
7. Clean tacky layer off using alcohol and paper towel

I really like the color of the Color Pink Structure, but have also ordered clear. It's super easy to apply nail polish over the gel as well, and I find it lasts much longer over the Gelish than it does on natural nails.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019