Thursday, February 24, 2011

NOTD: OPI Big Hair... Big Nails

OPI Big Hair... Big Nails
from the Texas Collection
(above swatch is three coats)

I tried this polish last week with longer nails and just two coats. It was so sheer that I did not like the look at all- in fact, I didn't even take a pic of it!

With three, it's much better. I think the shorter nails help as well. I've seen a few swatches with four coats, and they look even better, but I just can't go there, so three will do for me.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Repost: Sasha's Nail Routine

So without further ado, here are my favorite nail products, shown in order of use for the perfect salon-quality mani:

1. Sally Hanson Instant Cuticle Remover. I apply this all around my cuticles, wait a bit (you can wait longer that it says), then use the thumbnail of my opposite hand to push back/scrape the cuticles. I typically do this twice.

2. Wash your hands and dry them well.

3. Orly Bonder. This is fab- it overrides any oily residue on your nails and gives your polish something to stick to. Key to a long-lasting mani.

4. Sally Hanson Nailgrowth Miracle in the gold bottle. Love this as a basecoat. Watch for CVS/Wags to have their BOGO or BOGO half off on SH products and stock up.

5. 2 coats of color. OPI polish is one of my favorite brands.

6. Seche Vite top coat. I won't use any other top coat. This is a super-fast dry topcoat with a fab shine. Expensive, but worth it!

7. Poshe CuticleCare or Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser. Keeping your cuticles neat and clean is one of the keys to making your manicure last longer. Either of these products are fabulous and I massage this into my cuticles a few times a day to prevent hangnails and prevent cuticle buildup.

Happy manicuring!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Slushied (plus Celibacy Club)

Sephora by OPI Slushied from the Glee collection
(opaque turquoise blue)
A fashion-forward, wearable nail color inspired by GLEE character Finn Hudson

This is available as both an individual polish for $9.50, or as part of the six set of minis for $24

For this picture, I topped it with one coat of Celibacy Club, also from the Glee collection.

Celibacy Club: Even if it's only part of the show, express your inner angel with this glimmering, diamond top coat (Mini Kit exclusive)

(click to enlarge)
And I left this pic big and blurry so you can see all the gorgeous colors in there. How pretty is that?

Disclosure: The entire Glee collection was purchased by Sasha for her personal collection.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Diva-in-Training

Sephora by OPI Diva-in-Training from the Glee collection
(opaque poppy pink)

A fashion-forward, wearable nail color inspired by GLEE character Santana Lopez

The above swatch is two coats. Mr. Sasha said he really liked this color because it was more "natural" than some of the other colors I have been wearing lately. I laughed because this is quite a bright pink! He said he just meant he likes pinks and reds more than blues, greens, and blacks. He doesn't get it, does he? :-)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Dr.'s REMEDY Nail Polish


The Hottest Nail Shades of the Chilly Season

Sleigh bells are no longer ringing, snow is well-past glistening, and the mere thought of walking through a winter wonderland has you worrying – way too early – about next year’s Christmas plans. Enter some seasonal delight to make you sizzle (literally): Dr.’s REMEDY introduces four fabulous shades of Enriched Nail Polish, perfect to ring in 2011 and wear throughout the rest of winter (wonderfully).

The collection includes:

Healing Heather Grey: a seductive pewter with deep blue undertones

    Revive Ruby Red: a shimmer-infused, Wizard of Oz-inspired shade of crimson

    Desire Dark Brown: a cocoa-meets-hot fudge handsome hue

    Also included in the collection is Nurture Nude Pink, a delicate, damsel-in-distress barely-there beautiful pink

All swatches are two coats and applied beautifully. I think the standout is Revive Ruby Red- it's absolutely beautiful and applies perfectly. I absolutely love it.

Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is available for $16 online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

Dr.’s REMEDY is a new line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that are dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal ingredients. The birth-child of two New York-based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.’s REMEDY proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to better the condition of her skin and nails.

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for review purposes by a PR firm.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Mash Up

Sephora by OPI Mash Up (opaque opalescent gray)

Description from
Whether your style is sporty or goth, this pearlescent green gray pulls it all together for a pitch-perfect look
A fashion-forward, wearable nail color inspired by GLEE character Will Schuester.

(click to enlarge)
I left this one big so you can see the shimmers

This shade was so so so pretty- especially in the sunlight.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Sue vs. Shue

Sephora by OPI Sue vs. Shue

(exclusive to the Glee 6 Piece Mini Kit)

Description from Sephora site: Stay a step ahead of the rivalry with this rebellious navy blue

I was fighting a losing battle with the sun/snow yesterday, so my pic is not that great- but this is really a pretty color and covered fabulously in two coats.

There's a lighter navy blue shimmer in the navy polish that you can see when light hits it- it's very pretty.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

ORLY Spring 2011 Collection: Precious

ORLY Spring 2011 Collection: Precious

Luxurious, Sophisticated Hues to Covet

For centuries, people around the globe have been enamored with lush fabrics, rare stones and extravagant finishes. ORLY celebrates the refined glamour of porcelain, the vibrant sheen of silk, and the lush sparkle of priceless gems with Precious. Lend a sense of romance and richness to every spring ensemble by sporting lavish shades on fingertips and toes. The six lacquers in the Precious Collection signal a fresh approach to spring fashion and a renewed appreciation for the exotic workmanship, ornamental engravings, and sumptuous fabrics known to accompany the luxe life.

The six Lacquers in the Precious Collection include:

Ancient Jade: Green Crème

Royal Velvet: Purple Blue Shimmer

Sapphire Silk: Deep Teal Crème

Fancy Fuchsia: Pink Crème

Gilded Coral: Coral Gold Shimmer

Pure Porcelain: Beige Crème

All ORLY Nail Lacquers including the Precious Collection are free of DBP, Toluene and all traces of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.

The Precious Collection Lacquers will be available starting March 2011 for $7.50 each. ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and other purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 70 countries worldwide.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Manicures and Lashes Star At Sundance

Press release from China Glaze

Film Festival Suite Features China Glaze And Ardell

Los Angeles, CA – (January 2011): As flurries of snow fell in Park City, Utah, celebrities attending the festivities stayed warm inside movie screenings and gifting suites. Complimentary haircuts, boots, and clothes were thrown their way, but there were only 2 things they were really looking forward to: A pampering manicure courtesy of China Glaze and flattering eye lashes from Ardell.

Celebrities who stopped by for a little rest and relaxation included Lea Thompson (“The Convincer”) who was very sweet and kind. When gifted with her favorite Ardell DuraLash Naturals and Ardell #110’s, she exclaimed “I seriously wear lashes every single day! I even have them on right now!” She also adored her bottles of China Glaze Salsa and Innocence. Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules”) took a break with his wife Sam Jenkins for some manicures, lashes, and chit chat. They made everyone laugh with stories about their rambunctious kids. The adorable Kay Panabaker (“No Ordinary Family”) received a manicure with China Glaze Love Letters, while sharing anecdotes about growing up in the show business.

Hilarity ensued when Jonnie Penn (“The Buried Life”) came by with a friend for some buffing and filing. Game for pretty much anything, Jonnie insisted that he have Ardell Lashes put on. After the DUO Lash Glue dried, he said “he had never felt prettier in his life!” Aasha Davis (“South of Nowhere” and “Pariah” – Official Selection 2011 Sundance Film Festival) and her mother stopped by for manicures with China Glaze Evening Seduction while everyone in the room cooed at pictures of her adorable little baby boy.

Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke (“The Bachelor”) arrived hand in hand. While Kiptyn strolled around, Tenley had China Glaze Diva Bride applied while dishing out behind–the-scenes gossip from “The Bachelor”. New York native James Kyson Lee (“Heroes”) stayed glued to the Jets vs. Steelers game on T.V. while getting his manicure. He made everyone laugh when he said, “How ironic is this? I’m getting a manicure while watching a football game!”

China Glaze colors may change from season to season, but our longwearing formula continues to provide consumers with the highest quality nail lacquers. Designed with the professional in mind, our 220-strand brush is great for ease of application. Best of all, our non-thickening formula provides perfectly even coverage. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: Follow China Glaze on Twitter: China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Who Let the Dorks Out?

Sephora by OPI Who Let the Dorks Out? / Sue Sylvester
(opaque metallic peacock green)

The above swatch is 3 coats and I am officially in LOVE with this polish!

The reason "peacock" is in the description is because there is a gorgeous purple shimmer that is somewhat hidden..... I could see it well last night when I was painting my nails in my bedroom, but in sun I just couldn't capture it on film.

If you look closely at the bottom of the bottle in my pic, you'll find it- look real hard.... do you see it?????

This is a must-have, as far as I'm concerned.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants

Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants

A rich raspberry as show stopping as Rachel herself

hee hee..... love swatch pics with mini bottles... I AM A GIANT!!!!!

This is another shade from the Glee collection, which I am having so much fun swatching! I did get all the shades (overshopper, check!) so you'll be getting to see them all.....

Game Weekend only: Free Shipping over $25, end Monday 2/7. Use code CHEER. Go shop while he watches the game!

If you've been wanting to order any of the Glee collection, now is a great time- thru today, Monday, Sephora is offering free shipping on $25 rather than the usual $50 with code CHEER.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Express Yourself to Yourself

(click pic to enlarge)

Sephora by OPI Express Yourself to Yourself
(exclusive to the Glee 6 Piece Mini Kit)

The swatch above is 3 coats. I left the pic big so you can enlarge it and see the shimmer.

Description from Sephora site: Even more entertaining than Sue Sylvester in a music video, this coral shimmer shade will have people talking

On me, this pulls much more pink than coral, but is really pretty.

Game Weekend only: Free Shipping over $25, end Monday 2/7. Use code CHEER. Go shop while he watches the game!

If you've been wanting to order any of the Glee collection, now is a great time- until Monday, Sephora is offering free shipping on $25 rather than the usual $50 with code CHEER.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Hell to the No

Sephora by OPI Hell to the No / Mercedes Jones
from the Glee Collection

(inside pic by window due to snow storm!)

Wanted you to see the GORGEOUS hidden gold shimmer

I've got the whole Glee collection ready to swatch, but we are having terrible weather and there is no sun for swatching.

I chose Hell to the No for my first mani from this collection and I am on day 3 and don't want to take it off- that's how pretty it is.

It applied beautifully and two coats covered well. I used newly thinned SV as my topcoat and it dried well with no shrinkage.

Still deciding which Glee shade to use for my next mani... I am thinking Who Let the Dorks Out? (Sue Sylvester)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My Zoya order arrived a couple weeks ago, but being I had the Shellac on, I couldn't paint my nails until now. {Side note ... I chose to peel off the Shellac instead of going back in to the salon for the 'special removal', and it worked just fine ... no more damage than acetone would have done. And I peeled off the mani before it started lifting, after 2 weeks, because I was too anxious to try out my new Zoya colors. Ha!} Here are the indoor and outdoor shots of the mani ...
Meet Julianne! When I ordered this polish, I liked it because it looked like it had a touch of blue in this deep purple shade. Upon application, there is indeed flecs of blue in it. For such a glittery polish, it went on pretty smooth and layered fine ... I used a base, 2 coats of Julianne, and a topcoat. The mani lasted a few days before the tips began chipping. My only gripe was that it didn't have enough shine. I am not into matte polishes, and while this one is not a matte, the lack of shine reminded me of one.

Did you take advantage of the Zoya Facebook special? Can't go wrong with 3 FREE polishes!! Which ones did you order and are you lovin' or hating them?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NOTD: Essie Dive Bar

Essie Dive Bar (retail line)

This is another one of the Essies that I purchased at Walmart.

This is two coats. The first applied quite streaky, but the second evened it out nicely.

Topped with Seche Vite that had been recently thinner, I got absolutely no shrinkage.

There is a slight purple shimmer in the bottle that is not apparant on the nails. Still quite pretty though.

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