Wednesday, October 18, 2017

OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!

OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!

3 coats
from the 2013 Euro Centrale Collection

OPI says.....  Get the extinguisher…this fiery red is sizzling!

Although I did really like the color, I did NOT like that I needed 3 coats to get even coverage.  With 2 coats there were lots of sheer spots that I wasn't happy with.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

OPI Cosmo With a Twist

OPI Cosmo With a Twist
3 coats
from the Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection

Last week my cousin called and asked if I had seen OPI Cosmo With a Twist- she was in love with it! Somehow I missed it and hadn't seen it, but once I did, I immediately placed an order for 2 bottles- one of each of us! It's really gorgeous, but does need 3 coats to be opaque. In different lights, you'll see gorgeous blue and purple shimmers.

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New: Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kits

Get Instagram-ready nails – no UV light or salon appointment necessary
The chrome look now comes home with Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™. The leader in creating salon-inspired nail innovation at home, Sally Hansen has captured one of the biggest social media nail trends of 2017 and will introduce the first DIY nail kit to ever launch in the US for the ultimate #chromenails. This trend has exploded recently and has been seen everywhere from street style to style icons, with over 385,000 posts on Instagram alone, but was previously only achieved with UV light and a lengthy application process.
The limited-edition Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™ kits will be available in 5 trending shades:
·      Rose Gold: The hottest jewelry & design trend finds its corresponding nail shade
·      Peacock: This purple-blue metallic tells an exotic and playful story
·      Holographic: This ultra-shiny, iridescent metallic is mesmerizing
·      Gunmetal: “Shine-on” in this futuristic reflective charcoal shade
·      Mermaid: Evolve in the moment with this green-purple from under the sea

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™ kit contains Chrome powder, Special Effect Top Coat and Sponge Applicator. Get ready to show off your “Instaglam” nails and watch the “likes” rack up.
Follow these steps using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel® for straight-forward and fun DIY, at-home application and easy, soak-free removal with the use of regular nail polish remover:
  1. Apply two thin coats of Miracle Gel in Blacky O  (for PeacockHolographicGunmetal and Mermaid looks) or Miracle Gel in Frill Seeker (for Rose Gold look) and allow to dry until tacky, 2-3 minutes.
  2. Dip included Applicator into Chrome Powder & rub a small amount onto surface of nail in a back & forth motion using light pressure; watch effect appear!
  3. Apply one thin coat of Special Effect Top Coat & allow to completely dry for 5 minutes.
  4. Seal with one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat.*
The new Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kits in Mermaid, Rose Gold, Peacock and Gunmetal will be available on beginning mid-August for $20 each. The Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kit in Holographic can be exclusively found at Ulta stores and on in October for $30. This exclusive large kit includes the Miracle Gel Black-y O Base Coat and Miracle Gel Top Coat. 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

NOTD: OPI An Affair In Red Square

OPI An Affair In Red Square (2 coats)
from the 2007 Russian Collection

An Affair in Red Square is just gorgeous- a glowy red. Love love love!

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Monday, October 2, 2017

NOTD: Avon Perplexed Purple

Avon Perplexed Purple
2 coats
from the 2012 Enchanted Spring collection

Perplexed Purple is just gorgeous! It's a take on 2011's Chanel Paradoxal. Others with a similar shade and effect are Covergirl Outlast Amethyst, Revlon Perplex, and today's NOTD- Avon Perplexed Purple.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NOTD: Nails Inc Judo Red

Nails Inc Judo Red
(2 coats)

 from a collaboration with Victoria Beckham and her Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection

Judo Red is from the Nails Inc Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. Duo Collection from Sephora that I purchased a few years ago for $45. The set includeed Judo Red and Bamboo White. The individual shades were available for $25 each.

Judo Red was amazing to apply- well-pigmented, it pretty much gave opaque coverage in just one coat, but I added a second to get a perfect finish. They call this a tomato red, and it actually leans a bit orange, even more than you can see in the pic. I love it! The outer rectangular part of the lid can be removed, leaving you with a regular round cap to paint with.

Here's some info from Created with an exclusive formulation, featuring Stretch-To-Fit technology and Bamboo Extract with Silica, this collectible set features two new polish shades: Judo Red, a vibrant tomato shade, and Bamboo White, a bone shade inspired and created to complement key pieces from the collection. Designed by Fabien Baron and Victoria Beckham, Nails Inc’s concave glass bottled have been reinvented for the collaboration: each bottle is made with fine Venetian glass and is hand-frosted in matte black and matte white to leave a subtle reveal window on either side.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dermelect Kiss 'ME'

Dermelect Kiss 'ME'
2 coats
from the Fall 2017 Completely Classic Collection

The Completely Classic collection boasts rich and velvety stand-out-in-a-crowd shades as well as more subdued hues, such as a seamless nude and a mesmerizing azure. Dermelect’s treatment color lacquers are all 5-Free, peptide-infused, and specifically formulated to provide a long-lasting, professional manicure. Each polish is $14 and a set is $39.00. The collection is available on
Completely Classic Collection
·         All The Envy (bright chartreuse)
·         Phenom (egyptian blue)
·         To The Core (russet copper)
·         Debonnaire (opaque nude)
·         Kiss ‘ME’ (velvet crimson)
·         She-She (a luxe take on teal)

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


2 coats

The OPI DS line never fails me- I love love love these shades and find myself reaching for them when I am feeling like I just can't choose from my hundreds of choices.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Revlon ColorStay in Rich Raspberry

 Revlon ColorStay in Rich Raspberry
2 coats

Sadly, this is from a discontinue line. The ColorStay nail color line has been replaced with the ColorStay Gel Envy line. I picked this up at Big Lots for just $1.50. It applied like a dream- perfect coverage in 2 coats.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

NOTD: Zoya Dannii

 Zoya Dannii
2 coats

From the Zoya website: Dannii by Zoya can be best described as a medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer. 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque in Lacqueriste

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque in Lacqueriste
2 coats

This weekend I pulled out the three steps of the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque system. I had been a while since I used the system and I remember liking it a lot. 

Steps 1 and 3, the primer and glaze, are sold together and retail for about $13 in mass-market retailers like Target and Wal-mart.

The individual color bottles, like Lacqueriste shown in my swatch pic, retail for about $8. There are 21 shades available, and most are core-type colors, just nice classic colors that appear to all be a creme finish.

Here's some info from the L'Oreal website:

Introducing our exclusive 3-step nail system for spectacular nails like you’ve never seen before. New L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque provides high-gloss, and resilient shine while protecting nail color from dings, dents and scratches. Get the high-shine of a UV-Gel and the perfect nail shape without harmful UV rays.

Extraordinary nails as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Nail surface is instantly smooth and flawless

Color is richer, magnified to a new level of intensity nails are visibly thicker

Shine is captured and reflected from every angle

I went ahead and added one coat of my normal quick dry topcoat after I was done with Step 3.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

OPI Infinite Shine in Can't Tame a Wild Thing

OPI Infinite Shine in Can't Tame a Wild Thing
2 coats

For this mani, I used all three steps of the OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System, and then topped it with my quick dry topcoat, NYC Grand Central Station. I have tried the system before without an added quick dry topcoat, and I didn't find that I got very good wear from it- I would get chips pretty quickly. Once I added NYC GSC, I got much better wear!

Info from OPI about the system:
Infinite Shine Lacquer delivers ultra-rich, vivid color in unique OPI shades.  Is an innovative service option for manicures, pedicures and enhancements.
Gel shine without the light.  Last up to 10 days.  Soak free removal.
The Infinite Shine system of products combine for longer-lasting color and shine:
  • Step 1 Primer: Goes beyond base - it actually primes nails for a revolutionary grip on color while preventing staining.
  • Step 2 Lacquer: Delivers real depth with ultra-rich, vivid color.
  • Step 3 Gloss: Promises gel-like durability - the state-of-the-art formula includes gel polymers that cures to a hard film in natural light, yet removes easily without soaking.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NOTD: OPI Chile O Caliente

 OPI Chile O Caliente
2 coats
from the 2002 South American Collection

Chile O Caliente has been a favorite for YEARS! I bet I have been through at least 5 bottles of this- this used to be my regular pedi color. Still a favorite 15 years later!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

NOTD: Essie Éclair My Love

Essie Éclair My Love
2 coats
from the Summer 2017 Collection

per Essie: Declare your undying amour with this light, bright heart-pulsing shade of red candy passion.

I've seen others call this close to a one-coat wonder, but not for me. I found the first coat to be very streaky, but the second coat evened it out quite nicely. Such a bright, fun summer shade!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Revisit: OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Today I am revisiting the OPI Coca-Cola Collection, a 9 piece collection inspired by Coca-Cola beverages. I purchased the "10 Pack of Style", which contains minis of 8 shades along with a mini of Nail Envy as well as the OPI Top Coat. I also purchased a big bottle of Orange You Fantastic, the last shade in the set, because it wasn't available in a mini and because I had to have the complete set in my possession. :-)

OPI Coca-Cola Red
2 coats

Coca-Cola Red is inspired by regular Coke and is my favorite shade of the collection- and of course it's my favorite Coca-Cola drink. I found the formula on this polish to be perfect! Two coats gave complete coverage and it is so shiny and glossy and just gorgeous.

OPI A Grape Affair
2 coats

A Grape Affair is a dark purple crème inspired by Grape Fanta. This is really vampy, but still looks purple in the sun. Indoors, it does pull really dark. Still so pretty.

OPI Get Cherried Away
2 coats

Get Cherried Away is a magenta creme inspired by Cherry Coke. I originally thought the formula on this was nice, and quite pigmented, but once I looked at my pictures I could totally see that I needed another coat. So frustrating!

OPI You're So Vain-illa
3 coats

You're So Vain-illa is inspired by Vanilla Coke. I found the formula to be just OK- it needed three coats to get opaque coverage. It is a really pretty shade, but one that gives me a bit of Lobster Hands, so if you are warm-toned like me, you might have the same problem.

OPI Orange You Fantastic! (1 coat)
over OPI You're So Vain-illa (3 coats)

Orange You Fantastic has different shapes and sizes of red and gold glitter in a sheer yellow/orange base and is inspired by Orange Fanta. I applied one coat over my prior mani of You're So Vain-illa. The formula was pretty great- I got great glitter coverage in just one coat, and the sheer yellow/orange base added a neat tint to the base color I had on. It smoothed out nicely with a coat of Gelous.

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
3 coats

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is inspired by Vanilla Coke. I found the formula on this shade to be somewhat problematic. It was chalky, and even after two careful coats, I had streaking and it was visibly uneven, so I applied a third coat to get the coverage I wanted.

OPI My Signature Is "DC"
2 coats

My Signature Is "DC" is inspired by Diet Coke. The formula on this was FANTASTIC- it was practically a one-coater, and if I had been a bit more careful on that first coat I could have stopped there. It dried very fast and seemed dry before I even applied my quick-dry top coat.

OPI Green On The Runway
3 coats

So you can see in most light, it's a gorgeous green shimmer.....

but then in other light, it's reddish brown! Gorgeous!

Green On The Runway is inspired by Sprite. Or by the can, at least. :-)

 OPI Today I Accomplished Zero
2 coats

Today I Accomplished Zero is a black jelly base with pink glitter, inspired by Coke Zero. I myself am not a fan of Coke Zero..... but I do drink a can of regular Coke every single morning, as my cup of coffee.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Shea Dream

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Shea Dream
2 coats


Finally, gorgeous “Color That Cares While You Wear.” The first Sally Hansen nail polish that uniquely blends saturated color and nourishing argan oil in 38 stunning shades created in partnership with Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole.

Sally Hansen continues to lead in innovation by introducing its new Color Therapy products:  a nail polish, top coat, and nail & cuticle oil, inspired by women’s desire to wear beautiful color while simultaneously caring for their nails. Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy nail polish contains a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil-enriched formula, resulting in intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthier-looking nails. The Color Therapy nail polish needs no base coat so the oil complex can directly contact the bare nail. 9 out of 10 women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails after wearing the Color Therapy nail polish. Vibrant tones, available in three magnificent palettes, glide on for a radiant, shiny finish with up to 10 days of fade-proof, chip-resistant wear. The Color Therapy nail polish provides the ultimate color that cares while you wear, with everything needed to restore nails without sacrificing luminous color.  

Complete your manicure with the Color Therapy top coat and nail & cuticle oil, both formulated with the same argan oil contained in the nail polish. The top coat provides an ultra-glossy finish for extended wear, and the nail & cuticle oil, the ultimate in nail therapy, instantly makes nails and cuticles look healthier, restored, and rejuvenated.  

The Ingredient Story Color Therapy blends a complex of natural argan, acai, and evening primrose oil to condition weak, dry nails. Argan oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant vital for healthy skin and nails. Acai berry oil is rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that are valued for nutrition and conditioning in skin and hair care. Evening primrose oil features essential fatty acids that are known to help reinforce hair strength. 

Price & Availability: The New Sally Hansen Color Therapy range hit shelves in December 2016. Suggested retail price for each product is $8.99.  
Click Here for Available Shades

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Little Peony

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Little Peony
3 coats

This shade was a bit streaky, so I found I needed 3 coats to get opaque even coverage.

An innovative and award-winning development in nail color, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ is a two-step, no light gel manicure system; simply apply two coats of the Miracle Gel™ color of your choice, then follow with the Miracle Gel™ Top Coat. The polish is cured by natural light, so you can get the same volume and high gloss, mirror shine without the use of a UV lamp. Enjoy up to 14 days of color and shine, and then easily remove with regular nail polish remover – no soaking necessary! Sold in Duo Packs with top coat.

Price: $14.99 for the 2 step set, or $9.99 for individual colors

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in What in Carnation?

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in What in Carnation?
2 coats

Hello Summer! The school year is done and we are ready for fun in the sun! Love this summery shade!

Price: $7.99

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