Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dermelect Kiss 'ME'

Dermelect Kiss 'ME'
2 coats
from the Fall 2017 Completely Classic Collection

The Completely Classic collection boasts rich and velvety stand-out-in-a-crowd shades as well as more subdued hues, such as a seamless nude and a mesmerizing azure. Dermelect’s treatment color lacquers are all 5-Free, peptide-infused, and specifically formulated to provide a long-lasting, professional manicure. Each polish is $14 and a set is $39.00. The collection is available on
Completely Classic Collection
·         All The Envy (bright chartreuse)
·         Phenom (egyptian blue)
·         To The Core (russet copper)
·         Debonnaire (opaque nude)
·         Kiss ‘ME’ (velvet crimson)
·         She-She (a luxe take on teal)

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