Friday, September 30, 2011

Swatches: Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis Part 2

Today I have the other three swatches from the new Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis collection. You can see Part 1 here. These shades are only available in this mini collection and I purchased them for $22.

I'm on the List

This is a dark forest green that covered great in two coats. It was a little hard to clean up- you can see where I got a bit on my cuticle on my pointer finger, and I couldn't completely get the polish off- it sort of stained.

Removal was fine though- once I dipped my finger in my scrubby tub, it all came off easily.

Say It Ain't So-ho

This is a pretty red cream. It's not all that unique, but a nice addition to the collection. A bit of VNL was visible with two coats, but I wasn't bothered enough to try a third coat.

Stand by Your Man-hatten

Love this shimmery burgundy. Such a great fall shade! Two coats was perfect coverage.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swatches: Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis

Today I have three swatches from the new Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis collection. These shades are only available in this mini collection and I purchased them for $22.

The Sparkle That Never Sleeps

two coats on the two fingers on your left

three coats on the two fingers on your right

At first, I thought this was just going to be a topper. But after I applied a second coat, I decided it did just fine on it's own. It wasn't hard to remove either.

This is a clear base with multi colored bar glitter and small silver glitter. The most predominate colors are red, pink, and silver.

Never Know 'Til You Tri-beca

In the bottle, this appears more purple than it applies. It's a gorgeous cream that I got great even coverage from in just two coats.

What's Brooklyn Good Lookin'?

This is a pretty chocolate brown cream, that again applied great in two coats.

Hopefully I'll be able to swatch the other three colors this afternoon.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NOTD: Orly Rock Solid

Orly Rock Solid

(click pic to enlarge)

I am over the moon for this shade... it's absolutely gorgeous (great coverage in two coats, too) and when you get in the sun, YOWZA! Look at those multicolored shimmers!

I purchased this at Sally's for $8.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nicole by OPI Skittles

I was recently sent some Nicole by OPI shades to try. These are available at Target for approximately $7.

Nicole by OPI skittles

L to R

Green Up Your Act!

I Love You Cherry Much

Sounds Grape to Me

It's Not Me, It's Blue

Green Up Your Act!

This swatch is two coats, and seeing it up this close, it could have used a third coat to be completely opaque.

Sounds Grape to Me

This swatch is two coats. I think this is a great shade for fall!

I Love You Cherry Much

This swatch is three coats to mask VNL as well as possible. I absolutely loved this one- the flakies were so pretty and it was gorgeous in the sun.

It's Not Me, It's Blue

This swatch is three coats, but totally needed four. To me it leans more purple than blue, but I got several compliments when I wore this as a full mani last week. Very pretty.

Disclosure: I was sent these shades for review purposes.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

NOTD: L'Oreal Owl's Night

L'oreal Owl's Night

from the Project Runway collection

(click to enlarge)

This is so so pretty! I always love a two-coater.

In the light, you can see gold, green, and orange specs of glitter- it's just amazing. This is such a perfect fall/Halloween polish.

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. I went to multiple CVS stores and two Walgreens before I finally found this beauty and paid full price of $5, and it was quite worth it!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spotted: Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis Collection

Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis Collection ($22)

This set contains six 0.125 oz nail colors in:

The Sparkle That Never Sleeps
Never Know 'Til You Tri-beca
What's Brooklyn Good Lookin'?
I'm on the List
Say It Ain't So-ho
Stand by Your Man-hattan

And..... of course I ordered it.

Again, I am totally volunteering to do marketing for this brand. The first I heard of this set/collection was when I just spotted it on the side margin of the brand page. There's no mention of it on the Collections page, and no mention of it on the list of new products at Sephora. In fact, an email I got yesterday from Sephora mentioned the Garden of Good and Evil collection.

Someone should take Marketing 101 again. Promote your NEW products people!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen "Cut It Out"

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Cut It Out"

I got my new Halloween SH strips in the mail yesterday, and I just can't wait until it's October to use them! Since I've only done the Nail Polish Strips once before, I wanted to do a practice run with another set I have on hand so I'll be a pro when it's time to do the Halloween ones.

These are so easy, and the designs with white are so forgiving! If you look very very close, you might see an uneven spot or two near the free edge, but unless you are using your eagle-eye, it's not something you'd notice at all.

I love these! I topped them with a coat of clear (the topcoat from the Color Stay set).

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

I was so excited to see this at Target, and surprised that it was not on an endcap, and was just in the regular Revlon nail polish display on the very bottom shelf. Since it's part of Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection - Expressionists, I figured I'd find it in a special display.

Regardless, I love it! As usual, this is a second day pic and you can see a bit of shrinkage. I did two coats topped with Seche Vite. Next time I'll try a different top coat.

It's being said this is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance, and although I don't have it to compare, it does seem to be similar to the pics I've seen online of Bad Romance.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

NOTD: OPI Show It & Glow It!

OPI Show It & Glow It!

I have had this shade from the Burlesque Collection in my untrieds for quite a while, and now I don't know why I didn't try it earlier! It's absolutely gorgeous and I found 3 coats gave perfect opaque coverage.

Now, it's definitely a top-coat eater, but I don't mind that all that much. It's still a bit textured feeling even after applying a nice thick coat of Seche Vite. It's so pretty, I'm not bothered.

I've heard removal of these glitters requires some patience, so I'll report back after I give that a try.

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