Friday, September 30, 2011

Swatches: Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis Part 2

Today I have the other three swatches from the new Sephora by OPI Manhattan Minis collection. You can see Part 1 here. These shades are only available in this mini collection and I purchased them for $22.

I'm on the List

This is a dark forest green that covered great in two coats. It was a little hard to clean up- you can see where I got a bit on my cuticle on my pointer finger, and I couldn't completely get the polish off- it sort of stained.

Removal was fine though- once I dipped my finger in my scrubby tub, it all came off easily.

Say It Ain't So-ho

This is a pretty red cream. It's not all that unique, but a nice addition to the collection. A bit of VNL was visible with two coats, but I wasn't bothered enough to try a third coat.

Stand by Your Man-hatten

Love this shimmery burgundy. Such a great fall shade! Two coats was perfect coverage.

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jess//hello, polish! said...

I love all of these today! Especially Stand by your Man-hattan!

LYSSSAA said...

i got a gift card from Sephora and was browsing around and saw your swatches for these, they helped! They're beautiful. Your swatches are really great and i loooooove this set. Perfect for me. I was craving a forest green, a dark brown cream and always welcome more glitters. Thanks for this post! :D