Thursday, December 19, 2013

OPI incREDibly Festive topped with OPI Gift Tag... You're It!

OPI incREDibly Festive (3 coats)

topped with
OPI Gift Tag... You're It! on pointer and ring fingers
Nicole by OPI Extra Snowflakes Please on middle and pinkie fingers

(incREDibly Festive and Gift Tag...  You're It are from the 2013 OPI ULTA Exclusive! Cheers To The Holidays 4pc Mini Set)

I wasn't very pleased last week when I tried Gift Tag... You're It over Checking My List. It was hard to get an even coverage of the glitter and I didn't feel like it was very holo.

In that post, I commented that I knew OPI knew how to do a fabulous holo glitter since I had Nicole by OPI Extra Snowflakes Please and loved it. So I thought I would do a mani with both and compare the two.

Of course, Extra Snowflakes Please totally wins. See how uneven the glitter on the ring and pointer fingers is? I even tried a second coat on my ring finger to even it out, but that made it even worse.

Just one coat of Extra Snowflakes Please is perfect- so so much better.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OPI incREDibly Festive

OPI incREDibly Festive (3 coats)

from the 2013 OPI ULTA Exclusive! Cheers To The Holidays 4pc Mini Set

incREDibly Festive is a pretty nice red crelly. At two coats it was somewhat sheer but a third coat covered my nail line, but still left it a big squishy looking.

I'm still really underwhelmed with this year's Ulta OPI mini set. Have you tried it?

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Ulta OPI Holiday Minis

2013 OPI ULTA Exclusive! Cheers To The Holidays 4pc Mini Set
(currently $6.95 on

OPI Checking My List (2 coats)
topped with
OPI Gift Tag... You're It! (1 coat)

When I picked this up I was excited to see OPI do a holo glitter topcoat that reminded me of two of my favorites, CoverGirl City Lights and China Glaze Fairy Dust. I chose the pink shade to do my first mani with this set.

I found the formula of Checking My List to be sub-par for OPI... it was watery and patch and at 2 coats it was pretty uneven. But since I planned on topping it with the glitter, I moved on.

I am sad to say that Gift Tag... You're It! won't be replacing, or even joining, City Lights and Fairy Dust as a fave. It was a bit hard to apply. Almost a gel-like texture, the glitter didn't apply evenly. Nicole by OPI did a fabulous holo glitter topper a few years ago in their holiday mini set called Extra Snowflakes Please and it is great, so I am surprised they didn't just duplicate the formula here.

Also of note is that there is no mention of Ulta on the box..... it's the first year I've noticed that.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ulta OPI Holiday Minis 2006-2012

Over the weekend, I picked up this year's Ulta OPI holiday mini set. I have had a chance to snap a pic, but I remembered that last year I took pics of all the sets I had. Does anyone know if they did these sets before 2006?

Ulta's Gift of Color
with free cell phone charm
note no mention of OPI printed on the front
Is That For Me?, What I've Always Wanted!, Cheery Cherry

Ulta-Mate Celebration
with free holiday purse
Merry, Merry!, Candy Cane Cutie, Hip Hop Holly
(so very sad I've misplaced two of these!)

Ulta Season's Sparklings!
free shimmer wristlet
Berry Brilliant, Season's Sparklings, Pretty Plum-tious

Ulta Tiny Tinsels
Berried in Gifts, Amethyst Twist, Silver Bells

Ulta Holi-daze
All the Berry Best, Gift of Gold, Plum Full of Cheer

Deck Your Nails
first time "Ulta" doesn't appear to be part of the mini collection name
Speak for Your-Elf, A Sparkle Yule Love, How's It Snowin'?

Stuff My Stocking
(this is the first year the color names aren't printed on the front)
Last Minute Shopper, Skip the Gift Wrap, Gift Cards for Everyone!

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