Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ulta OPI Holiday Minis 2006-2012

Over the weekend, I picked up this year's Ulta OPI holiday mini set. I have had a chance to snap a pic, but I remembered that last year I took pics of all the sets I had. Does anyone know if they did these sets before 2006?

Ulta's Gift of Color
with free cell phone charm
note no mention of OPI printed on the front
Is That For Me?, What I've Always Wanted!, Cheery Cherry

Ulta-Mate Celebration
with free holiday purse
Merry, Merry!, Candy Cane Cutie, Hip Hop Holly
(so very sad I've misplaced two of these!)

Ulta Season's Sparklings!
free shimmer wristlet
Berry Brilliant, Season's Sparklings, Pretty Plum-tious

Ulta Tiny Tinsels
Berried in Gifts, Amethyst Twist, Silver Bells

Ulta Holi-daze
All the Berry Best, Gift of Gold, Plum Full of Cheer

Deck Your Nails
first time "Ulta" doesn't appear to be part of the mini collection name
Speak for Your-Elf, A Sparkle Yule Love, How's It Snowin'?

Stuff My Stocking
(this is the first year the color names aren't printed on the front)
Last Minute Shopper, Skip the Gift Wrap, Gift Cards for Everyone!

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Allison L said...

My favorite set was 2012. I love those colors and bought the mini's.