Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 Collection

Today I've got some shades from Sally Hansen that you might need if you are looking to do a Halloween-themed mani this week.
Up first are four shades in Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color line. They retail for $4.99.
Pumpkin Queen
(3 coats)
Note: This is NOT matte. I think my sample bottle has the wrong label on the front of the bottle.
Although I found I needed three coats to get complete even opaque coverage, I really like this one!

(3 coats)
This is a great white to have in your collection, and I love the name! If you are using this as undies for a nail art mani, 2 coats would be fine, but since I wanted to wear this by itself, I did 3 coats to make sure it was perfect.

Scaredy Matte
( 2 coats)
Now, this *is* a matte, and a great one at that. 1 coat looks watery and like there is no way 2 is going to do it, but the second coat evens it out perfectly.

 Night Fright
2 coats
This is a great black cream to have in your collection. I really like the Insta-Dri formula, it really does dry super-fast.

Sally Hansen also has two Big Glitter Top Coats that retail for $5.99. I received Costume Glitters, so I gave it a try over Night Fright. (The bronzy gold glitter is called Dressed To Thrill.)

Costume Glitters
1 coat over black

shade pic
Using one of the Big Glitter Top Coats is a great way to add some pop to your mani, or even get an extra day out of a mani. I added a coat of NYC Grand Central Station as a topcoat to make sure I had a nice smooth surface.
What are you planning for your Halloween mani?


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