Thursday, October 23, 2014

OPI Halloween Peanuts Collection

I recently purchased the mini set of all four of the shades in the Peanuts Collection, adorably titled "Little Peanuts". The set includes all four shades in the OPI Halloween 2014 Peanuts Collection as well as 10 decals that feature Peanuts comics phrases, a Snoopy and a paw print, and Charlie Brown's t-shirt squiggle. The mini set retails for $13.95.
 I have swatched two of the shades over the past few weeks, but finished swatching the other two and wanted to do a wrap up post.
OPI Good Grief!
(3 coats)
Good Grief! applied nice and smoothly but did need three coats to be completely opaque.

OPI Where's My Blanket???
(1 coat dabbed over white)

I swatched Where's My Blanket? over a white from my collection because I didn't think it would swatch well over black or yellow since those colors were included in the glitter. Where's My Blanet? has several sizes of black glitter along with orange and yellow glitter as well. The colored glitter was sparse for me and I didn't get very much on my brush even though I dug around and tried to get a good variety of glitter.
shade pic

Who Are You Calling Bossy?!?
2 coats
This is an amazing black. Great glossy coverage in just two coats. But to me neither of the glitters would work with this black, so I'm not sure why they included this in the set.

OPI To Beagle or Not To Beagle
(1 coat dabbed on)
over OPI Good Grief! (3 coats)


shade pic

Since the shade of Good Grief! didn't seem to be a shade of the glitter in To Beagle or Not To Beagle, I decided to use them together. I did get better application of the colored glitter than I did with the Where's My Blanket?, but I still didn't feel like I got all the colors on my brush... and again, I dug around quite a bit.

Final thoughs: Although I love the idea behind this collection, the shades they included made me scratch my head. I am so surprised they didn't include an orange called "The Great Pumpkin". Wouldn't that have been perfect? That could have been in place of the black. The two glitters were unique enough to both be in the set in my opinion- one of them would have been plenty.


I found this great image on Polyvore that I hade to share.

OPI Peanuts Collection for Halloween 2014

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