Monday, October 27, 2014

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Witch-ful Thinking

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Witch-ful Thinking
1 coat dabbed on over
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in OMGhost (2 coats)
This swatch is just one coat of the Fuzzy Coat and it applied so easily- I just dabbed it on and really liked the coverage I got. Witch-ful Thinking contains light orange and black bar glitter suspended in a clear base. Very Halloween!
Once dry it does feel a bit bumpy, so you will need to apply a thicker topcoat, or use a coat of Gelous under your quick-dry topcoat.

Last time I used a Fuzzy Coat I used the Reesa Method of removal, and it absolutely just slid right off! I had heard the bar glitters were a bear to remove, but I had no trouble at all.

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