Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two shades from the L'Oreal Project Runway collection

This fall, L'Oreal launched a line of Project Runway-branded makeup, which included 8 shades of nail polish. (You can see the full collection here.) Walgreen's was having a nice sale a few weeks ago, so I picked up two shades that caught my eye.

 L'Oreal the queen's might
3 coats

The formula on this one was nice and even, although it's a bit sheet and you can still see a visible nail line even after 3 coats. There's some silver veining in the bottle that doesn't translate to the nail.

L'Oreal the mystic's fortune
2 coats

The formula on this one was somewhat lacking- after one coat it was a streaky mess but luckily a second coat evened it out just fine. In the bottle you can see some small pink and aqua shimmers, but they don't really show once applied.

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Natalia A said...

I like the blue one! even without the pink shimmer.