Thursday, October 18, 2012

nails inc. the thames

nails inc. the thames

(By the way, do we capitalize nails inc. names or not???? They are not capitalized on the bottles..... let me know if you know!)

Forget the translucent nude polish, ombre style or wild designs of summer… This fall, nail art is simple, bold and mysteriously dark. Models on the fall runways flaunted the smoky nail trend while September’s blockbuster magazines have the sultry look splashed across their beauty pages.
Shades ranging from gunmetal to metallic set the tone for this season’s modern monochromatic story. Those with fairer skin should go for steely tones, while those with darker complexions will want to choose paler versions.
I really like this shade! Coverage was absolutely PERFECT in two coats, and a dream to apply. I continue to be impressed by nails inc. even if I'm unsure about the proper way to write the product names!

I got several comments on how this was a very on-trend shade. In fact, the nurse at urgent care last night loved it. (Yes, I've got a lovely sinus infections. However, a bonus of being in bed all day was catching up on my DVR!)

Price: $9.50 each, Available at Sephora and on
Disclosure: This shade was provided for review purposes.

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Christie said...

I like that color. Reminds me of Kelly from Zoya. Don't quote me on that or anything!