Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Hollywood If I Could

China Glaze Cherry Crystal
accented with
Sephora by OPI Hollywood If I Could

macro shot

Last week I was trolling Sephora and ran across some new shades and Hollywood If I Could looked interesting so I ordered it. It's described as "clear with pink/purple/blue tinsel glitter".

To me, the bar glitter is just reflective.... so it's going to show lots of colors depending on the light. In indoor light, it tends to look more green and yellow, and outdoors in the evening light you can see gold, some green, and a bit of pink and blue. Regardless, it's pretty!

It appears that it's part of the Tinsel Town Collection, although there's not really good information on Sephora's website showing exactly what is included in this collection. Part of it looks to be re-promotes, because the Tinsel Town Eight Piece Set contains shades that don't appear to be new: 

- Mr. Right Now (opaque classic wine) - repromote
- Merry Me (opaque red with micro red glitter) -repromote
- Keep Me On My Mistletoes (opaque champagne gold with fine glitter) -repromote
- Bare To Be Different (sheer warm ecru) -repromote
- Chamomile-ion to One (sheer pink beige with fine gold glitter) -possibly new?
- Thyme For a Mani (opaque light khaki) - possibly new? could be from Spice Market collection
- Mash-Up (opaque metallic green purple duo chrome) - repromote from Glee Collection
- If You've Got It , Haunt It (opaque black with chunky glitter) -repromote from Halloween 2010

However, you can sometimes find the newest shades by looking at the first or last shades in their listing of all colors. I found these eight shades which appear to be new, and do go along with the Tinsel Town movie-type theme.

Ruby Without A Cause - opaque chrome wine-burgundy with two tone effect
What Film Noir You In? - opaque metallic rich deep magenta with fine shimmer
Here's Lilac In' At You, Kid - opaque chrome blue-violet with two tone effect
Is She For Reel? - opaque smoky grey with fine silver & gold iridescent glitter
The Golden Age - clear with chunky & fine gold/silver glitter
Light, Glammer A, Action! - clear with chunky & fine gold/silver/teal glitter 
Mauve-ie Star In The Making - Clear with chunky & fine pink/purple/gold glitter
Come To Paparazzi - clear with chunky & fine gold/orange/black glitter
Hollywood If I Could - clear with pink/purple/blue tinsel glitter

So here's my question... why aren't the NEW shades in the eight piece mini set????? So very strange Suzi! You are making this too much work! You need a new marketing rep at Sephora!


Brand/Nameaccent nail- Sephora by OPI Hollywood If I Could

Number of coats in pic/topcoat?: 2 coats topped with NYC Grand Central Station

Purchase info: $9.50 from

More info: from Fall 2012's Tinsel Town Collection

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