Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Cherry Crystal

China Glaze Cherry Crystal

Somehow this very very old China Glaze was in my un-trieds! This is so old, I know I bought it either during college or very soon after I finished. For reference, I graduated from college in the mid-90s.

Unbelievable, this didn't even need any thinning! It was in great shape. I did find that it took a bit longer to dry than newer China Glaze shades dry. I went to bed about 30 minute after painting my nails, which is normally not a problem, but I had slight sheet marks on them when I woke up this morning, so I added another coat to cover them.

Here's a pic of the price label still on it. I forgot how to read Beautyco labels... does the 99300 mean that it was 1999? Could be I suppose.


Brand/Name: China Glaze Cherry Crystal

Number of coats in pic/topcoat?: 3 coats topped with NYC Grand Central Station (would have been fine with two, but I added a second to cover slight sheet marks)

Purchase info: Looks like I purchased it for $5.99 from Beautyco in the 90s!

More info: Cherry Crystal is still available as part of China Glaze's core line

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Unknown said...

old but beautiful color!
I should do my nails with RED!!