Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Perplex

Last summer I picked up my very first (and most likely last) Chanel, Paradoxal, a deep smoky amethyst with a royal purple shimmer. The hype surrounding this shade was immense.... and I just HAD to have it! $23 for a polish was a bit crazy looking back.

Chanel Paradoxal

Above is the pic I took last summer. I had a really hard time capturing the purple shimmer, so I was disappointed with my pic.

If you are a regular nail blog reader, you have probably read that the budget-friendly brand Revlon has been releasing shades that closely dupe some Chanel shades. So of course when I read that Revlon had a dupe for Paradoxal, I picked it up as soon as I found it. It got mixed in with my un-trieds and I almost forgot about it. I am so glad I ran across it this week.

The Revlon shade is Perplex and it certainly fits the hype- and I had even better luck photographing it than I did Paradoxal!

Recent releases by Revlon have included Black With Envy (a version of Chanel Black Pearl) and Carbonite (a version of Graphite). I found Black With Envy, but haven't seen Carbonite yet, but am on the lookout- I don't think I'll need to buy any more Chanel polish!

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Jennifer G said...

Where did you find Black with envy? I have been searching what seems like forever.

Sasha said...

Jennifer- I found it at Ulta a few months ago. Hope you can locate it too!

sprinkles said...

Dang! $23 for a bottle of polish? Is it made of gold or something? lol

That color is really pretty. I would totally buy the Revlon version.

There's this nail place I pass by regularly. I kept reading the name Polish as in the people from Poland and kept wondering how that had anything to do with nails. Boy, I sure felt stupid once I realized it was pronounced Polish as in NAIL polish! lol

hermetic said...

heh, Paradoxal will probably be my only Chanel I purchase too, nice color but now there are so many dupes, no one needs the original one