Monday, November 16, 2015

Sephora Formula X Alchemy II

Sephora Formula X Alchemy II
2 coats

Sadly, I missed out on the original Alchemy shade last year. When I saw there was a second shade released recently, I drove up to my Sephora and picked it up immediately. I am so glad I did! Even at $14, I absolutely love it.

The pic above is a shade shot... because although it's gorgeous in the sun, it's just about impossible to catch an in-focus picture of it.

My Canon Rebel said, "NOPE!"

Looks at all those different colors! LOVE!

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スペイン子育て奮闘記 said...

Love this color ❤

Unknown said...

This sparkling effect is really marvelous. You are a great artist! I love everything what concerns nail fashion . A nice manicure is a key to success!