Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Darling Diva Polish Slutty Pumpkin

Darling Diva Polish Slutty Pumpkin
I am totally kicking myself for not wearing this polish last week for Halloween! But I decided- what the hell! I love it so I'll wear it the week after!
I ordered this a few years ago strictly because of the name. If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you know what this polish name means. (If you aren't, you can read about it here.) I love the reference!
It's truly a gorgeous polish, although I don't believe it's available anymore.  It's a linear holographic orange with varying sized black hexes. The above swatch is two coats and was so easy to apply. I didn't worry about where the glitters were placed- I just did my mani and let it turn out how it was going to turn out.

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Ana Brown said...

I agree its def a lovely color. So sad that its not available anymore....

Unknown said...