Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sephora Formula X Sheer Strength in Wondrous

Sephora Formula X Sheer Strength in Wondrous
3 coats
I saw these a few months ago when Karen Falcone swatched them and I was intrigued... they reminded me of the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color + Care line that came out a few years ago. I really liked those, but I don't have the pink shade called Satin, and I had a credit eating a hole in my pocket at Sephora... so into my cart Wondrous went.
Application was pretty much fool-proof and even a muggle could get a great looking mani with this color. I pretty much just slapped it on and didn't even bother to do any clean-up around my cuticles and I still think it looks great.
At $12.50, these are more than twice as much as Sally's original version is at $5.50. It looks like the Color + Care line is still available, so if this looks like your cup of tea, I'd go for the more reasonably priced Sally Hansen line myself. 

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