Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sephora Formula X in A+

Sephora Formula X in A+
(2 coats)
At some point, I received this mini-sized bottle of A+, I believe as a 100 point perk. I'm not positive, but I decided to give it a try along with the mini set of The Formula X System I received as a 500 point perk. 
Side note on this little set: I had this set on my list of thing to try, and I love when I can spend my points on something off my wishlist! I was really surprised when I received my package and realized that all four of the little bottles were just tossed in together with some shredded paper. Luckily, none of them arrived damaged, but this packaging was just asking for trouble.
But back to the polish..... I really really like The System! The topcoat was pretty fabulous- self-leveling and fast-drying and just all-around awesome.
A+ is a nice shade, but it appears to be discontinued.  The way the Formula X shades are organized makes it pretty hard to navigate and search for an individual shade. If you know the name of the shade, you can use the search box on their website, but if you are just browsing and looking for something pretty to buy, it's cumbersome because you have to go to an individual page for each type of polish- Transformers, Sparklers, Sea Glass etc.

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