Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Avon Gel Finish Roses Are Red: 7 Day Wear Test

Avon Gel Finish Roses Are Red
(2 coats)
picture taken after 1 week of wear
left: fresh mani                           right: after 1 week of wear
I'm pretty impressed with Avon Gel Finish! It's been a full week, and although there is some tipwear, the finish is still nice and shiny and I actually haven't felt the need to take it off until now.  Avon doesn't promise a specific wear time, but The Daily Varnish had great luck with it and she wore one shade for 7 days with great results too.
To review, although it promises to act as a basecoat as well as a topcoat, I went ahead and used my normal combo of NailTek Intensive Therapy II as my basecoat and NYC Grand Central Station as my topcoat. Two coats gave me great coverage, a bit jelly-like, but still opaque in my opinion.

Since this has a super-reasonable price (right now it's $5) and paired well my with normal base and topcoats, I definitely recommend this line. To have the finish look so great after a full week is pretty amazing!

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