Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Harp On It

Color Club Harp On It

On Saturday I painted my nails with the other Club Club I have from the Halo Hues collection. And when the sun came out for a bit on Sunday, I rushed out to take a pic. And grabbed the wrong bottle for the shot. 

The bottle pictured above it Cherubic.

But the polish is 2 coats of Harp On It. Isn't it pretty? Again,these are no-fuss holos. No special base or buffer needed, no special topcoat needed either.

For comparison, here's my Cherubic shot.
Color Club Cherubic

Harp On It is definitely silver-based, and Cherubic is more gold. But they do look quite similar. Yes indeed.

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Yasmin said...

Both are really nice! I'm currently wearing Angel Kiss!

Steph And Laura said...

These colors are gorgeous and your application is awesome! I SO wish I could do my nails better! :)
-Steph @ A Brunette Duet

Sasha said...

Yasmin, Angel Kiss looks SO pretty!

Steph and Laura- thanks for visiting and for your sweet words!