Monday, January 7, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Cherubic

Color Club Cherubic

Color Club was a brand that I had never tried before, but before the holidays, Birchbox was offering free shipping on two shades from Color Club's Halo Hues collection, and I'm a holo whore, so I of course ordered them.

Although I LOVE holos, I really only love the trouble-free ones. I am not interested in purchasing special holo-only basecoats, or any holo that won't preform well with a normal, everyday topcoat. From what I read, Color Club's holo behaved just like a normal polish and could be used with any base/top combo without a problem. (That's what I love about the OPI DS holos as well.)

And I'm happy to report that, at least with Cherubic, this statement is true. I used CND Sticky as my base, two coats of color, and used NYC Grand Central Station as my topcoat and the mani was perfect. And it lasted well too- the above pic was actually taken on Day 3. I started to get a few small chips on Day 4.

I'm anxious to try the other shade I ordered, Harp On It. Hopefully it will be just as great!

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Sarah said...

Holy holo! This is gorgeous!

Kimberley said...