Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wow- WSJ article has such incorrect info about a nail polish pic!

photo source: taken by Sasha with my smart phone
page D4 of the 09-27-12 Wall Street Journal

Today the WSJ is all kinds of wrong with a nail polish pic they posted. They posted a pic that nail blogger Steffels took of a Lynderella polish called The Glittering Crowd, but in the article they said it was a polish by Deborah Lippmann and that the photo was taken by an Alice + Olive employee on their iPhone.

Text from the article:

"Barneys New York posted a traditional product shot of an $18 "mirrored chrome" nail lacquer from the Deborah Lippmann Collection to its BarneysNY account on the Fancy, which has almost 30,000 followers on the site.

A confetti nail lacquer from the same brand was offered for sale from the clothing brand Alice + Olive. Stacey Bendet, designer and founder of the line, posted onto her Fancy page a close-up photo of a woman's fingernails wearing the shade, which an employee snapped using an iPhone.

The nail-polish photograph on BarneysNY was "fancied" about 1,400 times. Ms. Bendet's polish photo was fancied nearly 9,000 times -- even though she has about 9,000 fewer Fancy followers than Barneys."

Photo caption:
"This nail lacquer was fancied nearly 9,000 times on"

So basically, either the wrong pic was pulled for the article, or Ms. Bendet is wrong about where she got her photo she "fancied"- it's certainly not an iPhone photo snapped by an employee since you can find the original photo posted by the nail blogger Steffels here.

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Jen from xoxoJen said...

Insanity. I've sited your blog article over on my blog. Thanks for the share!

Veronica Gorgeois said...

Lame. Seriously lame. DL and Lynderella polish bottles are both so distinctive looking that anyone with half a clue what they're talking about obviously would have known the difference.