Monday, September 10, 2012

NOTD: Essie Braziliant

Essie Braziliant

Somehow this was in my un-trieds! I got this one last summer along with Too Too Hot and Smooth Sailing and I guess I forgot about it. Side note: I am having a terrible time spelling Braziliant with one L! I guess I am trying to spell it like "brilliant".

I am on the fence about this shade. It required three coats, and you can see on my middle finger I've got a bit of a crease that happened during the night. I think it got pretty thick and didn't dry well. Still a pretty eye-catching shade.


Brand/Name: Essie Braziliant

Number of coats in pic/topcoat?: 3 coats of color topped with 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station

Purchased From: for approximately $6

Collection: Braziliant is part of Essie's Braziliant collection released for Summer 2011 along with:
  • Absolutely Shore (soft sea foam green) 
  • Brazilliant (hot orange with a touch of shimmer)
  • Meet Me at Sunset (vibrant deep orange)
  • Smooth Sailing (breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl)
  • Super Bossa Nova (upbeat bright fuchsia)
  • Too Too Hot (sizzling rich red coral)

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Emily said...

This is beautiful. Essie Braziliant is one of the first polishes I bought when I got really addicted to nail polish lol, love it!

Unknown said...

beautiful red!!!

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