Friday, May 1, 2009

NOTD: L'Oreal Sheer Heat

L'Oreal Sheer Heat

Oh, this was so disappointing.

I ran across this oldie but goodie yesterday while I was home nursing a cold so I gave it a try. It's at least 12 years old and I wondered how the consistency would be.... but when I opened it up, it seemed perfect.

(You may notice my ring finger nail is significantly shorter than usual... that nail broke during the music festival last week and I'm still upset about it. So I shortened the rest to sort of match.

I did my typical routine Orly Bonder, SH Nail Growth Miracle, two coats of color, and SV top coat.

And it never dried! I was still getting dents and smudges 6 hours later so I took it all off!

I suppose the formula lost something in the 12 years it's been in my bathroom cabinet.... I may try to add some thinner, but I think that may make it too thin! And ideas?

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The Asian Girl said...

My ring fingernail on my right hand broke during Jazzfest last weekend! GRRRR!

Ms. Latina said...

I love that color,I'm so into warm colors! Think I am going to run and get it today. =)

Sasha said...

Ms. Latina... I'm afraid it's discontinued since it's at least 12 years old!