Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q&A: Do your tips and toes match?

The oh-so-fabulous Katy writes: Here is a discussion topic that you girls MUST cover. Do you keep your toenails the same color as your fingernails? Like...if you have the Lincoln Park on your nails, would you have it on your toes or would you possibly have red toes? This is something to ponder for sure. Another aspect might keep your toes neutral (like French Pedicure) with whatever on the hands. Am I thinking too much into this? I HAVE to take my toenail polish off if it doesn't coincide with my hands. It's a must girls...well at least in my head it is. Love y'all

Sasha's answer: Well, Saturday I went to an in-door splash pad party with WC this weekend and sported Lincoln Park on my fingernails and A Ruby for Rudolph on my toes, so my answer is, I don't worry so much about it. Just as long as they are painted! I absolutely cannot leave the house without my toes painted if there is a chance my toes may be seen! And I'm not a toe-neutral girl. I keep my toenails very short since I run, and the french thing just won't work for me. I'm all about red toes.

What does everyone else think?

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Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said...

Nope, mine never match!

One new Spring trend I am hearing about is wearing neutral/nude toes with dark tips. I likey this idea! But really I mostly wear vampy shades or reds on my toes and whatever the heck I want on my fingers. I never get a french pedi, I think it is uber tacky, sorry.


Brooke said...

My toes only match sometimes. It isn't important for them to match. My bf has made comments to the effect that he thinks it should matter to me if they match. And I confess, I do get the french on my toes sometimes, but usually I will paint it one color.

Katy said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting this Sasha and thank you girls for participating in the comments. Yay!
I usually prefer dark on my toes....I think I've had a french, once or twice and YES Sasha I keep my toenails short as well. I seriously cannot stand long toenails on anyone, it's a huge pet peeve of mine. Grosses me out!
You guys are doing a lovely job with this's fun!
Don't be sad, but I must confess that my nails are not currently painted....but the toes are!!! {always}

Unknown said...

They match occasionally. Right now they don't...I'm wearing You Don't Know Jacques on my toes and China Glaze's Branding Iron on my fingers. I change the polish on my fingers two or three times a week and it would be too much work to change my toes as well.

TuTu's Bliss said...

What a great question. I settle for not chipped. I am guilty of patch painting. It is horrible I know but I will paint the base (yes I won't paint them so long the color starts to grow off!) What can I say?

LJ said...

Mine hardly ever match. I only do my toes around twice a month and my tips would never last that long. I like brights/darks on my toes and whatever color looks right today on my tips.

contests and such said...

It depends on my mood, I think. Right now I have Sally Hansen Blue Streak on my toes and Zoya Jo on my fingers. Granted it is winter and no one, but me really sees my toes.

~Liz said...


Thanks for the link to manicures from Babycenter!

I found all the products EXCEPT the Orly Bonder...where can I get that!

aka Summerdays...

Sasha said...

Liz, I have seen the bonder at Ulta, Sally's, and even CVS and Target I think. Just look for the Orly polish section and it should be there.

Do you have those stores near you? Where have you already checked?

~Liz said...


I checked Target, Meijer and Walmart.

I'll try Sally's. Thanks!!


~Liz said...

I don't know why I can't type SASHA.


Unknown said...

My toes hardly ever match my nails, but when they do, they are too stinkin' cute! I always have the french tip going on, even if it is a non-natural color, and sometimes I will have my pedi-girl match my nails. I'll have purple tips on both nails and toes and I'll get tons of compliments! Mostly though I just stick to a solid on the toes in whatever color fits my mood at the time. :o)

Smoochiefrog said...

I can't reach my toes to paint them, and that's so not a job I'm willing to ask Mr. Smoochiefrog to do.