Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love my salon trips!

I am just hoping I can get back on a regular schedule! Oy! Here is my latest set ... my fave color is purple, so here is what Tawny and I came up with. Acrylic colors don't have fun names like OPI, but I went with a purple pearl tip with dark pink back fill and added a few hearts for the upcoming love month. :o)

Please don't look too close at the picture if you enlarge - apparently, I need to get a good hand lotion! Ha!

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Sasha said...

Those turned out so pretty! I love the tips... so sparkly and fun!

Smoochiefrog said...

How pretty!

Brooke said...

Love those! They are great for the upcoming Valentines day! Glad to see some acrylic nails everyonce in a while - :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what the colour on you fingertips is called and what brand.
It just looks FANTASTIC