Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dermelect Spring/Summer 2017 ‘ME’ Romantic Renaissance Collection

Dermelect Coquette
2 coats

Dermelect Coat D' Amour
2 coats

With six new hues, the Spring/Summer 2017 ‘ME’ Romantic Renaissance Collection spotlights the rejuvenation that’s synonymous with spring through a dreamy palette showcasing soft, blossoming shades brought to life by unexpected pops of color. Just like we do with our wardrobe when spring has sprung, now is the time to embrace fun shades and prints, nails included!

Cue the watercolor-inspired manicure, the dragging brush technique manicure and the dry brush stroke technique manicure (pictured in order below) using the collection’s Coat D’AmourCoquette, Mani-FestoRight as ReignEnlighten ‘ME’, and Faire Maiden. These manicures are simple to recreate and can be done in the comfort of your own home, no appointments necessary!

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