Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NYC Midnight Beauty Collection

Today I've got swatches of three of the four shades in NYC's Midnight Beauty collection.  I've long been a fan of NYC's In a New Your Minute line, in particular using Grand Central Station as a top coat. It's been my HG for a few years now and besides how well it performs as a quick dry top coat, my favorite thing about it is the price- just $1.99 for every shade in the line! 
All swatches are shown without top coat.
NYC I am not affRED
(2 coats)
I am not affRED is a deep wine. It's a bit thin and prone to running into your cuticles. It's also a bit hard to clean up if it gets in your cuticles (see my middle finger), but with a steady hand, it makes a pretty fall mani.

NYC Rock Muse (1 coat)
over I am not affRED
Rock Muse is a "Smoky Top Coat" so I gave it a try over I am not affRED. Since the glitter is suspended in a sheer dark grey tinted base, Rock Muse really darkened I am not affRED and gave it a deeper hue. I got good glitter coverage in just one coat. I have seen a few bloggers give it a try by itself and achieve a pretty neat look with 3-4 coats.
NYC Black Elixr
2 coats
Black Elixr is a pretty cool black- it's got a jelly-like quality, yet covers completely in 2 coats. The first coat is very sheet, but coverage builds nicely.

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