Monday, September 22, 2014

Sparkles Save a Bad Mani

Cover Girl Boundless Color in City Lights (1 coat) (sorry, discontinued!)
Sephora Formula X in Prophecy (2 coats)
Do you ever do a mani, and something just goes so so wrong? This mani seemed to be a lost cause (more on that in a minute), but just one coat of a holo glitter saved the day! I am sad that City Lights is discontinued, but there are two others that are easy to find and work in quite the same way: China Glaze Fairy Dust and Out The Door Northern Lights Silver Hologram Top Coat. Swatch and Learn has a great comparison post here.
Anyway, back to my failed mani. A few weeks ago I read beautygeek's review of the Sephora Formula X Brushed Metallics line and I knew I had to have Prophecy. You've got to check out her pic! It's amazing.
But on me..... it crackled! It was so very strange. I used my normal base of NailTek II, which I guess the Sephora X did not play well with. The first coat of Prophecy was very streaky but I figured the second coat would even it out. No! The second coat made it crackle! Just like the crackles of a few years ago. I was so frustrated, and I was late and I was tired and wanted to get to bed. I grabbed my trust bottle of Cover Girl City Lights, which has saved me before, and let it work the magic. I ended up loving how this mani turned out.
I'll have to try Prophecy again, I guess with a different base. Anyone had better luck with something else?

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Arathael said...

So glad to have seen this post, I noticed the same thing and made note of it back in the spring. I used Sephora X Kapow! From the Electrics line, same crackle effect occurred. I was using Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration as my base, according to my notes. I think Sephora has a bit of a problem here.