Friday, September 5, 2014

Dermelect Fall/Winter Bejeweled Collection

Dermelect Bejeweled Collection
The Bejeweled Collection, new for Fall 2014, features four new hues "inspired by the rich and radiant pigments of precious gems."
Dermelect Lustrous
3 coats, topcoat added

Lustrous, described as "sparkling cognac" was gorgeous. I love the glass-fleck quality. I did find I needed 3 coats to get complete even coverage.

Dermelect Gilded
2 coats (intended to be worn without topcoat)

Gilded, described as "textured patina", in meant to be worn without a topcoat to show the texture. I really liked this one! I got pretty darn good coverage with one coat, but did 2 to make sure I had even coverage.

Dermelect Heirloom
2 coats, topcoat added

Heirloom, described as "metallic royal sapphire" is definitely my favorite in the collection! Do you see that gorgeous pink shimmer? Enlarge that pic and check it out- it is so rich and complex! 2 coats gave great coverage so I stopped there.

Dermelect Belle Epoque
2 coats, topcoat added
Belle Epoque is described as "deep, smoky quartz crème. This shade dazzled me the least, but it was  great quality. It's such a dark brown that it almost looks black indoors.
Dermelect’s Bejeweled Collection, available Fall 2014, retails for $14-16 and can be purchased online at and at high-end apothecaries, beauty boutiques, salons, spas, medi-spas and doctors offices. Locally, Dermelect is available at Ulta.


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