Monday, June 30, 2014

Dior Adventure

Dior Adventure
2 coats
I finally got my first Dior.... my first because the brand is quite a bit outside the normal range of what I like to spend on nail polish. But I received a $25 giftcard to Nordstrom in my Glossybox, and since Nordstrom has free shipping, and Dior polish is $25... it seemed like a perfect match!
It really is a nice polish. It applied wonderfully and wore well- I didn't take it off until day 5, and tipwear was my only issue with it. I thought this was a perfect summer color. I have some coral-red impatiens in my front flower bed, and these totally reminded me of the color.
I'm not sure if I plan on purchasing more Dior shades..... but if I get any more giftcards I will certainly think about it!

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