Monday, September 30, 2013

NOTD: Sephora X We Are In Luck Here

 Sephora X We Are In Luck Here
2 coats

Sigh. When Sephora started releasing their Disney collections, I decided that I'd need to collect the nail polish mini sets. I have Cinderella and Jasmine, both released when Sephora had a partnership with OPI. But since that partnership was dissolved and Sephora is now releasing polish under the X line, I have to say I'm not sure I'll keep collecting them.

We Are In Luck Here is a coral-leaning red, and it covered nicely in two coats. I did *not* like the brush- the stem was very very short and hard for me to work with. I also did not like the square cap, although I've since read that it can be removed, similar to Chanel caps. Although that might help, I still think the short brush will continue to cause me problems.

At any rate, I do plan on swatching the rest of the shades in this collection over the next few days, so stop back by to see if my opinion changes on whether or not I need to continue collecting the Disney polishes.

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Unknown said...

Hi there, I have a friend who love this color but she has run out. Do you know of a good dupe for this shade???

Sasha said...

Revlon Perfumerie China Flower comes to mind..... I think that is pretty close.