Friday, September 20, 2013

NOTD: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite (2 coats)
over NYC Chinatown

I figured the dark base color of NYC Chinatown would look cool with the pink and white Fuzzy Coat over it.... and I think it does. However, although there *are* both pink and white bar glitters in Wool Lite, once on the nail they really just look all the same color.

It's a bit hard to get even coverage of this Fuzzy Coat. I did 2 coats on all nails, and you can see that my ring finger (second from right) has more glitter concentration than the other fingers.

I applied 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station and was surprised to see that it evened it out quite nicely.

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