Friday, June 14, 2013

Sephora Discontinuing the OPI for Sephora Line

Not sure if you have heard, but Sephora will no longer be carrying the Sephora by OPI (or OPI by Sephora, as it's listed in their alphabetical drop-down).

My undertanding is that they will be expanding their Sephora X line.

I am disappointed because I've been a big fan of the Sephora by OPI line....... a big fan!

The somewhat good new is that they are having a sale on the line- quite a few sets and all individual shades are half-price ($4.50). This is a fabulous deal! Note also that ebates is giving back 8% from Sephora purchases right now.

One thing I'd definitely recommend is getting the Metro Too Chic set- it's currently half-price ($12!). If you don't get the set, you at least NEED to purchased an individual bottle of Metro Too Chic- it's absolutely gorgeous!

Here are swatches of the Metro Too Chic mini set. I really like this set- I think Metro Too Chic and Arose Beyond Shimmer are stand-outs.

Sephora by OPI Metro Too Chic set

Left to right:
Pale is the New Tan
Arose Beyond Shimmer
Metro Too Chic
Keys to My Hybrid
Nifty Shade of Grey
Tweet You Later!

Pale is the New Tan
3 coats

Arose Beyond Shimmer
2 coats

Metro Too Chic
3 coats

Keys to My Hybrid
2 coats

Nifty Shade of Grey
3 coats

Tweet You Later!
3 coats

The other shades currently in stock and on sale are:
A Color That Can't Be Tamed
Add a Cherry on Top
Already Famous
Arm Candy
Bare To Be Different
Beauty Junkie
Break A Leg-Warmer!
Bright As A Feather
Cab Fare
Caliente Coral
Casanova Is So Into Me
Caught With My Khakis Down
Charge It!
Chest-Nuts About You
Cover Me In Petals
Dance Til Fawn
Dark Room
Dear Diary…
Designer Fig Leaf
Domestic Goddess
Eve-y On The Eyes
Fancy Schmancy
Fiercely Fabulous
Frankly I Don't Give A-Dam
Give Peach A Chance
Go My Own Way
Happy Earth Day To Me
Havana Dreams
Henna-Thing Is Possible
Hi Def
Hippo To Be Square
How Cute Is That?
How Many Carats?
I Don't Bite
I Gotta Blush On You
I Need Space
I Only Shop Vintage
I Think I Cayenne
IM Beauty
I'm So Sari!
I'm With Brad
In The Shadows
Iris I Was Thinner
Is She For Reel?
It's All About Me
It's Bouquet With Me
It's Totally Karma
Just A Little Dangerous
Justa' Pinch of Glitter
Keep Me On My Mistletoe
Keys To My Hybrid?
Leaf Him At The Altar
Leotard Optional
Let's Plie
Looks Like Rain Dear
Meet For Drinks
Mermaid To Order
Metro Chic
Metro Too Chic
Ms. Can't Be Wrong
Neutral Beauty
Never Enough Shoes
Nonfat Soy Half Caff
Ocean Love Potion
On Stage
Once A Cheetah, Always A Cheetah
Queen of Everything
Read My Palm
Ruby Without A Cause
S-Age Is Just A Number
Screen Test
Seriously, It's A Naan-Issue
Set the Mood
Shiny Dancer
Skinny Jeans
Social Climber
Sorry… Calendar's Full
Studs & Stilettos
Teal We Meet Again
Techno Girl
That's My Fuschia Husband!
The Way Tutu His Heart
Thyme For A Mani
Under My Trench Coat
Violet's Just Get Married
Wardrobe Change
What A Broad
What Aura Gonna Where?
What Film Noir You In?
What's a Tire Jack?
What's Your Sign?
White Hot
Why Yellow There…

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