Friday, June 7, 2013

NOTD: OPI Minnie Style over Chic from Ears to Tail

 OPI Minnie Style (1 coat)
over Chic from Ears to Tail (3 coats)
Minnie Style is pink, red and white glitter in a clear base from the Couture de Minnie collection. When I purchased the Runway Minnies mini set at Ulta, I also picked up a full size of Minnie Style for $9.00 since it wasn't included in the mini set.
I didn't do any special application method with this glitter- I just painted one coat of it like I would any other polish and this is the result I got.
I love that OPI is doing glitters like this- I think they are such a great addition to their collections.

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Unknown said...

I love this glitter so much! It's good to know I can get this version at Ulta. Some people have gotten bottles with white squares, too!

Sasha said...

Ashley Eileen- I didn't realize there was another version of Minnie Style. Do you have any links to pic of the one with white squares? Thanks!