Sunday, February 17, 2013

Revisit: Sephora by OPI Glee Collection

I accidentally got quite behind on Glee, and then we had a DVR that died.... so I basically gave up in the middle of Season 3. However, I recently discovered that I could watch them on my iPad with my Amazon Instant Video app that I have since I have Prime shipping, so I decided to start back over and watch Season 3 in the mornings while getting ready for work. I finally finished last week and am obsessed with Glee all over again! So let's revisit swatches of the Glee collection from Sephora by OPI.

Let's start with the mini collection, which sold for $24.

Miss Bossy Pants
(also available as a full-sized polish)

(also available as a full-sized polish)

Slushied topped with one coat of Celibacy Club

Gleek Out
(also available as a full-sized polish)

Sue vs. Shue

Express Yourself to Yourself

There were also four few colors that were sold only as full-sized polishes for $9.50.


Mash Up

Who Let the Dorks Out?

Hell to the No

Wasn't that a GREAT collection? Do you have any of the Glee shades? Are you a fan of the show?

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