Friday, February 15, 2013

Mani Advice: Cuticle Care

Today a friend asked me for some cuticle care advice on Twitter.

In my experience, I find that caring for your cuticles is area that affects nail strength and growth. Taking care of your cuticles equals less problematic nails. Less splits, tears, and breaks. I do two things in particular to take care of my cuticles.
First, a few times a week, before I apply fresh polish, I use a product like Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. This softens the cuticles and allows them to be pushed back off the nail very easily. Having your cuticles pushed back allows a better, longer lasting application of nail polish.

Second, I use a cuticle cream with AHA at least once a day to keep them moisturized and maintained. Poshe Cuticle Care and CND Cuticle Eraser are two good ones.

I need to heed my own advice! Earlier this week I picked at a pretty bad hangnail rather than clipping it, and now I"m left with a red, inflamed cuticle on my swatching hand. Hope to be healed and back to swatching soon!

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