Monday, January 4, 2010

NOTD: Essie Wild Thing

Essie Wild Thing

Last night before bed I painted my nails and didn't get a chance to take a pic until after I got off work today- hence the tip wear. Maybe Essie and SV don't work well together? I don't use Essie enough to know. I imagine applying another coat of polish to the tips would have helped.

This was the second Essie I purchased- my first was It's Genius, which I still love. But Wild Thing was a disappointment. The bottle has beautiful blue and silver glitter in it, but someone that doesn't end up on your nails. Save for the two pieces of blue glitter I can find on my nails, it looks like just another pinkish red.

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razberiswrl said...

Aww, I'm sorry you're not happy with your Essie. :( Coincidentally, I got my very first Essie polishes last night (HELLO, Ross Dress for Less!!! 7.99 for a set of 2 full size polish and a mini Fill the Gap!), and just used one of the colors tonight. I LOVE it. LOVE. It dried FAST even without SV (even though I did use it), and the color was so smooth to apply ... eh, I guess I should be saving all this for my post tomorrow. However, also coincidentally, I have a TON of paper shuffling to do tomorrow, so we shall see how it holds up.

I've been meaning to ask you what your thoughts were on the new FCC disclaimer thing too ... should I start including the fact that I don't get jack for free in all my posts? LOL!

Christie said...

I figured you all might get a little something for free from all of these companies that you show. That's too bad. What do you spend a month on polish? I shudder to think!

Sasha said...

Raz- if we have purchased it ourselves we don't have to disclose anything. If and when we ever do get free polish, we just have to disclose that in our review.

MamaMia- I know, don't you think we deserve some free polish? :-) Sadly, I do spend quite a bit of money on nail polish and makeup, but it makes me happy.

sprinkles said...

Sorry to hear you aren't so happy with your polish color. I think it's quite pretty. Didn't really see any blue flakes specifically in the picture of the bottle. I can tell there is glitter in it but can't really see it, it all looks silver. I can understand why that would be a disappointment to you.

razberiswrl said...

HAHAHAH!!! I just figured out how to edit my posts!!! I'm such a dipshit! HA!

And you guys don't want to know what I've been spending. *I* don't even want to know what I'm spending!!! I've got it BAD. They need to start sending me freebies to try, LOL! I guess I need a better camera first, huh?

Unknown said...

Essie Berry Hard is really pretty - plus your cat is ADORABLE!! My parent's live with a rescued Ragdoll who spends about half of the day sleeping in the sink - it is so cute!

Lucy said...

Your not the only one who doesn't want to know what I'm spending. Thank God I am using cash. I can't be let near a credit card. The polish is pretty on you. I think you might need a much fancier camera to catch the blue glimmer. I still love the shade on you.