Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am still here!

So sorry I have been MIA, ladies! I won't bore you with excuses. Ha ha! For those of you who are wondering who the heck this random poster is, I am April from! I don't get to post on a weekly basis (and have been slackin' here for the last couple months), because I have solar nails and only get them filled every 2-3 weeks. I always get colored tips, cuz I get bored with the traditional (although so classy!) french tips. I wish the acrylic powders had fun names like OPI's colors - they probably do, but the girls at the salon claim they don't have names - so I just snap a pic of my color of the month. Does anyone else have solar nails? If so, what colors do you like to rock?
Here is my latest set ... these are actual tips, not powder. I just had a new set put on (you gotta do that every now and then to keep 'em fresh lookin'), and the tips are like a glittery fuschia color. I have them shaped square with rounded corners. See ya in a few weeks! :o)

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Arie said...

Really cute!

Paige said...

That is very cute, I love it!

sprinkles said...

I never had solar tips but I used to get regular tips with clear acrylic layered over the top. Did that for a long time and only quit because it got to be expensive having to go in so often and get them filled.

Stupidly, instead of soaking them off, I ripped them off. More than once! Now my nails are brittle.

When I first found this blog from checking out your profile, I didn't even realize at first that there were other posters.