Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remover Find!

I can't find where I read about this, but last week someone recommended Studio Tools Nail Polish Remover in the tub and said it was absolutely the best for glittery polish remover. I had on 212 so I definitely needed something good.

Look at the inside! These are little soft plastic brushes that help remove your polish. Genius!

Now, this is straight acetone, so I won't be using it all the time as it can be very drying to your skin and nails. But for polish that is difficult to remove, this is the way to go! It very quickly removed every trace of polish AND glitter from my nails.

I paid $2.59 for this at my local Target and will definitely be purchasing it again.

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Lucy said...

I love that polish remover. It does a fantastic job. I'd been looking for this forever. I finally found it online. Damn, I never thought to look for it at Target!!! Well now I know where to get it. I used to have this about 5 years ago. I bought it at a beauty supply. It's great because it's also refillable. I always use acetone since it removes polish better.

Anonymous said...

For cheap and easy refills ... Home Depot! You can get a quart of acetone for $7, a gallon for $17. It'd last you forever!!

Erin said...

Really! One of these actually works for glitter polishes? It'll definitely be worth a shot, then. :)

Thanks for posting your find!