Thursday, June 25, 2009

The New Trend: Matte Nail Polish

I am all over this matte nail polish trend and placed my Zoya order today- can't wait to try them out!

It looks like quite a few of the nail polish companies are coming out with matte polishes this summer. Here's a list I found and some links to some swatches.

Nubar Mattes - July 4
OPI Mattes - July
Orly Mattes - September
Zoya Mattes - July 1 (though will be shipped now if you order)
Essie Matte About You topcoat - August

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1 comment:

Lucy said...

I just got my three Zoya mattes. I didn't have to order anything else to get them. I used the wine colored one last night. Sorry I forgot the name. It's a beautiful color. I had a hard time getting all the polish off with my cotton wrapped orange stick. I did use a ridge filler first. No topcoat of course. I did nothing else but go to bed. Woke up with two chips. Now have another one. Oh well it is pretty and I'll have to patch it up.