Friday, November 13, 2020

China Glaze Elfin' Around


China Glaze Elfin' Around
2 coats

from the China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze Collection for Holiday 2013

The Pandemic of 2020 certainly taken a toll on my hands and nails- early this summer I had a terrible eczema outbreak on my fingers and under my nails that I am pretty sure was triggered by hand sanitizer and increased hand washing. It was painful and looked so bad and I sadly had to take a break from painting my nails for a while. But things are much better now that I am not using hand sanitizer and making sure to moisturize my hands often during the day.

I am so excited for the happiness the holidays bring! I hope to pull out many seasonal favorite shades to wear the rest of this year and want to get back to taking pictures and blogging. I missed my hobby so much!

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Ananka said...

Good to see you. Sorry about your troubles.

This is a great colour, love it :-D

Rainbowify Me said...

That is really gorgeous <3