Thursday, July 7, 2016

NYC Show Time Lip Balm swatches

NYC Show Time Lip Balm 
Left: In Vogue Red 
Right: Modern Coral 
In summer my lips always tend to get a bit chapped- probably from all the time we spend outside. I have been trying these two shades out for a few weeks, and these lips balms have really helped my lips feel so much better! Even after the color wears off my lips still feel hydrated. I do wish they had an SPF in them, but for times when you are not out in the sun, these are a perfect wash of color.

They are quite sheer and give just a hint of color. They do have a light cherry scent, and the smell reminded me of some of the balms I wore as a teenager- fun!


·      The NYC Show Time Lip Balm is caring, yet oh-so trendy. It works to keep you super moisturized and includes Vitamin C. Care for your lips but with style!
·      Provides sheer color and care while helping minimizing lip chapping and cracking by providing immediate moisture
·      Available in Cool Nude, Trendy Peach, Popular Pink, Fashionable Fucshia, In Vogue Red and Modern Coral
·      Retails for $1.99

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