Wednesday, February 17, 2016

OPI DS Pewter

OPI DS Pewter
2 coats with topcoat

Pewter was added to the DS line in Fall 2013 along with DS Lapis. To me, these just don't go with the original theme of the line..... these are more of a chunky glitter and totally different from all the prior DS shades I own, which are all either linear or scatter holos. The PR info said they were inspired by "raw granite". Both are matte textured glitter finish, which sounds totally like their Liquid Sand line.

That being said, it's still really pretty. It's a deep black that sheer enough to show the two different sizes of silver glitter. Once coat of topcoat did a pretty darn good job of smoothing it out.

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Arathael said...

I forgot about this one, I recently got Lapis and I just got Tourmaline and Titanium, but I think I am missing even more recent ones than those...

Sue said...

I got to try this one out. I super love the color and texture. A must try indeed!