Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sephora Formula X Aphrodite

 Sephora Formula X Aphrodite
2 coats
from the Divine Stardust collection ($12.50 each)

From Bring a celestial sheen to your manicure with Divine Stardust. Named after Greek goddesses, these shades feature a selection of soft pastel hues that are infused with fine, holographic glitter to create an iridescent effect under direct light. Each glittering shade coats nails with a sleek, smooth finish. 

Aphrodite is described as violet holographic glitter, and it's just gorgeous! After the first coat I was concerned about coverage because it was quite sheer, but surprisingly a second coat gave me opaque coverage. It's absolutely gorgeous in the sun!

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Arathael said...

I didn't know there holos in this line, quite awesome!!!